How It Works

Do you wonder what it would be like to design your own bridal gown? Here is an outline of the journey you could take having your wedding dress custom made. See the brides who have chosen a Lisa Emerita bespoke gown for their wedding day, here. 


Initial Consultation

At our first meeting we discuss your story, and your vision of  your wedding day. It's a relaxed conversation, normally a quiet coffee shop. On my laptop we review pins or photos that inspire you, and I usually make a quick sketch. This initial consultation bears no obligation, and comes completely free of charge.  

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The next step is the brides approval of the final design. I will present one to three sketches, and various fabrics to see and touch. If the you're undecided, you can mix and match different details from each sketch to create your perfect gown.  Once the decisions have been made, we will sign a contract for the commission, and the bride will provide an initial deposit. 

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Preliminary Fittings

Next I will make a fitting sample gown in plain white cotton. This garment is used to get the perfect fit and finalize design details. Once we achieve the perfect fit, I will use this sample to make your gown. The bride may also wish to discuss any accessories she may want me to create for her, such as the veil, silk floral bouquets, hair accessories, underpinnings, etc. 


Final Fitting

From this point the gown will take about six to eight weeks, depending on fittings, and finishing details. Of course, included in my services are as many or as few fittings as necessary. Often the bride will choose to designate either her first or final fitting as a viewing for her friends, family, and bridal party. This "fitting party" can take place at the brides home, the home of a family member, or the venue of a small bridal shower with her bridal party, or bachelorette brunch. 


The Gown

Once the fit is perfect, the gown is complete!  One week before the wedding, it is advisable for the bride to try on the dress again to make sure it is still a perfect fit. If not, any necessary alterations will be done immediately, free of charge. 


Does this sound like a dream come true? Bring your design to life, inquire about your bespoke gown here